@ Commit message Author Date Author
fb63afe version: Yona v1.4.0 2017-03-17 doortts
20c15bc README: Add Amazon AWS installation guide link 2017-03-15 doortts
21651f7 attachment: Use SHA-256 instead of SHA-1 2017-02-26
fb97b51 issue: Increase number of issue minimum width 2017-03-17 doortts
6ed18f2 issue: Change css style of number of issue 2017-03-17 doortts
52b787e navbar: Show the number of user open issues 2017-03-16 doortts
815fe3f project: Fix default project scope by conf file 2017-03-16 doortts
0032147 issue: Clear the revision history when moving from a personal project 2017-03-16 doortts
4b37708 code: Prevent lazy loading model bug for some cases 2017-03-15 doortts
1e733d2 issue: Issues moved from personal projects will not display history 2017-03-15 doortts
ae653a2 mail: Remove header-anchor link from mail body 2017-03-14 doortts
a53b610 issue: Remove new issue button link attr 'target=_blank' 2017-03-14 doortts
79b99cb issue: Change checked issue list style 2017-03-14 doortts
06dd16b code: Add logic to check for online commit permissions 2017-03-14 doortts
a4dd951 code-browser: Cache code browser page with ehcache 2017-03-14 doortts
36a2f6f project: Provide option for default project scope when create 2017-03-13 doortts
1b8f271 login: Support simplified LDAP login 2017-03-13 doortts
b8e243a login: Simplify login input form 2017-03-13 doortts
491472e markdown: Set code block to wrap words 2017-03-11 doortts
9783f28 initial-data: Set admin user state 'ACTVIE' at first 2017-03-11 doortts
335d0cc user-profile: Polishing view pages 2017-03-08 doortts
2f7e25a code: Support simplified online commit 2017-03-08 doortts
6b1ea06 project-list: Fix wrong total page indicator 2017-03-07 doortts
e8631eb issue: Add issue body, comments when download as xls file 2017-03-07 doortts
4015ec2 usermenu: Load usermenu asynchronously 2017-03-07 doortts