@ Commit message Author Date Author
ea2e3ab organization: Complement pull request group view 2018-02-08 doortts
28ac7bf issue: Change search by labels to exclusive search 2018-02-08 doortts
b8d2a75 board: Fix sort by updated bug when comment is updated 2018-02-07 doortts
944dae1 issue: Add milestone column in excel download file 2018-02-07 doortts
a56074b issue: Display label changing history at issue timeline 2018-02-07 doortts
0bf640d docs: Update prerequiste about Java version 2018-02-07 doortts
cff983c issue: Refactor massUpdate method 2018-02-06 doortts
e61ba22 project: Fix project transfer double click bug 2018-02-05 doortts
777aec1 authorization: Support Authorization header 2018-02-04 doortts
4cc7a69 site: Remove site export/import menu from site admin menu 2018-02-03 doortts
b3c3a95 font: Remove Roboto from default web font 2018-02-03 doortts
83ed553 gravatar: Disable gravatar when unreachable 2018-02-03 doortts
7d387b1 css: Fix two column mode loading icon path 2018-02-03 doortts
760c25c my-issues: Change my issues listing style 2018-02-09 doortts
878e2de css: Change notification box position 2018-02-01 doortts
bd64f02 my-issues: Show mentioned issue count 2018-02-01 doortts
a60c67c css: Change issue event timeline padding size 2018-01-31 doortts
bf30d06 noti-message: Modify logic for preventing null return in getPlainMessage 2018-02-07 Mijeong Park
3cc43f2 Merge branch 'feature/issue-share' into 'next' 2018-02-06 Mijeong Park
e1fd294 1 Merge branch 'feature/noti-diff' into 'next' 2018-02-06 doortts
b68f3fd my-issues: Show shared issue list 2018-01-31 doortts
679c6c0 issue: Issue sharing feature - support notification 2018-01-31 doortts
49812f7 issue: Issue sharing feature - view and message 2018-01-29 doortts
d8143b5 issue: Issue sharing feature - Build api 2018-01-29 doortts
4204527 fix: Remove logic for rendering markdown (duplicated HTML tags) 2018-02-05 Mijeong Park