@ Commit message Author Date Author
e8fe8fc project-menu: change menu number-badge style Browse code 2015-03-23
00b97d5 Merge branch 'issue/diff-file-path-copy' into 'next' Browse code 2015-04-15
066c87c Diff: Fix apply to fixed font for commit hash on dropdown list Browse code 2015-04-11
d62acd8 Diff: Fix does not copy file path Browse code 2015-04-11
ce6b94f site-admin: show warning affix when admin user was logged in Browse code 2015-03-14
caca57b CodeBrowser: Fix render for markdown files Browse code 2015-02-11
17eac7c Render markdown in project description Browse code 2015-01-27
5dfe8d2 중간 크기 창에서 스크롤바가 생기는 문제 수정 Browse code 2014-12-18
986253d Merge branch 'improve/milestone-partial-status' of dlab/hive Browse code 2014-08-20
2373dce Merge branch 'feature/issue-1266-oncopy-diff' of dlab/hive Browse code 2014-08-20
4a479eb Sync 'next' with v0.6.3 Browse code 2014-08-19
fcf2333 PullRequest: improve list Browse code 2014-08-04
bdc74a6 Diff: make filename to contain diff header Browse code 2014-08-14
60e5822 ui.Select2: fix .branche-label styles for other branch types Browse code 2014-08-18
6543ad2 Milestone: change partial status like to list Browse code 2014-08-14
65ca159 Sync 'next' with v0.6.2 Browse code 2014-08-14
d783e76 Issue: Fix problem .issue-info shrinks on affixed Browse code 2014-08-13
fcf9e0f Sync 'next' with v0.6.1 Browse code 2014-08-13
84ce661 Fix comment-form in review thread to hide Browse code 2014-08-13
f005e73 GNB: Change color for golbal menu Browse code 2014-08-12
e6fdac0 SearchForm: fix line-height for dropdown list Browse code 2014-08-11
37e245f ShortcutKey: fix incorrect key description Browse code 2014-08-11
5aab787 Search:Change color for empty result category Browse code 2014-08-07
7c5d373 Search: Change color for keyword highlighting Browse code 2014-08-06
878471d Fix shortcut keymap style Browse code 2014-08-06