@ Commit message Author Date Author
e8fe8fc project-menu: change menu number-badge style 2015-03-23
4166f0c Merge branch 'issue/commitmessage-getter-error' into 'next' 2015-04-18
ec8643f Merge branch 'upgrade/play-2.3' into 'next' 2015-04-18
224f3f0 Merge branch 'fix/error-while-update-lang' into 'next' 2015-04-17
822ea96 Merge branch 'issue/markdown-wordbreak' into 'next' 2015-04-16
9da7bbc Merge branch 'issue/group-mention' into 'next' 2015-04-16
2248f9d Merge branch 'perf/getting-receivers' into 'next' 2015-04-16
28e1e67 Fix flash message which does not work 2015-04-16
00b97d5 Merge branch 'issue/diff-file-path-copy' into 'next' 2015-04-15
4576380 Merge branch 'issue/diff-commit-hash-font' into 'next' 2015-04-15
ea7febc Notification: Make getting receivers faster 2015-04-13
066c87c Diff: Fix apply to fixed font for commit hash on dropdown list 2015-04-11
67179e2 Markdown: Fix word break to keep word 2015-04-10
cb0a4e4 Merge branch 'issue/broken-ui-project-create' into 'next' 2015-04-11
d62acd8 Diff: Fix does not copy file path 2015-04-11
d8b07da Mention: Fix does not auto link for group mention 2015-04-10
7473b86 PullRequestEvent: fix to use getter 2015-04-07
bcbfef8 PullRequestCommit: fix to use getter 2015-04-07
1868e84 Project: Fix does not apply width select2 dropdown in create project and project setting page 2015-04-07
d471103 Pullrequest: Fix does not auto generation getter for commit message 2015-04-07
e4acd2e Merge branch 'notice' of beanmilk/hive into 'next' 2015-04-06
6aa1465 Merge branch 'fix/routes-warning' into 'next' 2015-04-06
80c653a Fix server error occured when get an attachment 2015-04-03
1078349 Fix three warnings when compile conf/routes 2015-04-03
a3bb610 Merge branch 'issue-2295' into 'next' 2015-04-02