@ Commit message Author Date Author
1dabdc0 @Author -> @author Browse code 2015-01-19
2373dce Merge branch 'feature/issue-1266-oncopy-diff' of dlab/hive Browse code 2014-08-20
fba784d CodeCommentBlock: fix find selected line on IE11 Browse code 2014-08-19
bdc74a6 Diff: make filename to contain diff header Browse code 2014-08-14
3f3ba80 javadoc: Delete comments written in Korean Browse code 2014-06-12
b753ad4 Remove mergely.js Browse code 2014-05-14
8866340 fix the issue 1133. Browse code 2014-04-21
461ddef code.Diff: highlight target with hashchange event Browse code 2014-04-14
dc17a2e Review: show comment-thread-wrap at fixed position Browse code 2014-04-07
4dfd403 Merge remote-tracking branch 'yobi/master' into feature/review-15 Browse code 2014-04-01
c9fc265 code: Improve the error handling for oversized diff Browse code 2014-03-20
81ec0c1 Review: add insufficient data property Browse code 2014-02-06
b57211a Diff: use same icon for code comment Browse code 2014-01-15
9945eaf Introduce threads of ranged code comments to Commit View Browse code 2013-12-30
b2a90a1 BlockComment: reduce extra fat of CodeCommentBlock.js Browse code 2013-12-26
c6efdd1 Merge branch 'fix/incorrect-diff-for-empty-added-file' of npcode/yobi Browse code 2014-03-11
0fa18ac diff: Fix incorrect rendering of an empty added file Browse code 2014-03-06
7684f88 Remove trailing whitespaces Browse code 2014-03-04
c61e71e code: fix a bug occurring when a commit contains large contents. Browse code 2014-02-27
b9ae7bb code: Limit diff rendering to avoid server overload Browse code 2014-01-27
d5d40ce Diff: Fix markup for hunk row Browse code 2014-01-17
1af5fe5 Diff:fix diff full scroll and hide comment orver code line wrap Browse code 2013-12-18
5ed0eaa Merge branch `bugfix/code` of kjkmadness/yobi Browse code 2013-12-19
aff2b88 code: show file mode changed Browse code 2013-12-17
6017ffb Diff: support code block and copy, ignore linenumber Browse code 2013-12-17