@ Commit message Author Date Author
01fa7dc ProjectTransfer: fixed bug 2015-03-13
6339c73 Merge branch 'feature/mailbox' into 'next' 2015-03-12
f217fa2 mailbox: Extract constants from configuration keys 2015-03-12
7871c9a Revert "mailbox: Extract constants from configuration keys" 2015-03-12
ac596e3 add NOTICE for third-party software copyright 2015-03-11
eb058c2 Merge branch 'issue-2201' into 'next' 2015-03-12
ae715e3 Merge branch 'fix/comment-mention' into 'next' 2015-03-12
162dd32 Merge branch 'build/install-from-package' into 'next' 2015-03-12
cd67cfb Notification: bug fix 2015-03-10
d969d62 Merge branch 'fix/markdown-possible-typeerror' into 'next' 2015-03-12
e10e5c4 Merge branch 'fix/bfcache-bug' into 'next' 2015-03-12
9e67caf MyIssues: Fix mentioning issues contain unsuitable items 2015-03-10
08bc8eb Rename Mention.add() to Mention.update() 2015-03-10
9e118fc pull-request: addtional patch related to commit b8f5c1e 2015-03-12
c6ffaad README: Add the description for yobi.home 2015-03-06
e4b5c7a README: Add the guide to install from binary 2015-02-26
a88c1c7 Make yobi.home configurable 2015-03-06
e8548b1 Do not make public/uploadFiles 2015-03-06
7caf00d config: Fix bugs about handling config files 2015-03-03
d0e8823 Revert "config: Fix config error while starting Yobi" 2015-03-03
8e00b08 build: Fix a bug that conf directory is ignored 2015-03-03
a456553 config: Make application.secret more secure 2015-03-04
13efe77 build: Exclude conf directory while packaging 2015-03-03
5f24ace Do not start unnecessary services for welcome page 2015-03-06
48b9844 test: Fix possible test failure of PasswordResetApp 2015-03-09