[Notice] Announcing the End of Demo Server [Read me]
@ Commit message Author Date Author
e4acd2e Merge branch 'notice' of beanmilk/hive into 'next' 2015-04-06
6aa1465 Merge branch 'fix/routes-warning' into 'next' 2015-04-06
1078349 Fix three warnings when compile conf/routes 2015-04-03
a3bb610 Merge branch 'issue-2295' into 'next' 2015-04-02
642cc82 Merge branch 'fix/duplicated-message-id' into 'next' 2015-04-01
9297ff0 Merge branch 'enhance/timeout-message' into 'next' 2015-04-01
9310254 Show appropriate message when database timeout occurs 2015-04-01
2dff37e Merge branch 'fix/endless-email' into 'next' 2015-04-01
56ac0ee Add missing unique constraint for original_email 2015-04-01
85978d0 mail: Fix the error message while sending a email 2015-04-01
efc3a41 mail: Fix delivery failure under certain condition 2015-04-01
2799c86 mail: Fix endless notification email 2015-04-01
98680a4 Add missing @lob 2015-04-01
7b24f91 Merge branch 'fix/application.conf.default' into 'next' 2015-04-01
61b6907 Fix an erratum; MVSTORE => MV_STORE 2015-03-31
7633242 update NOTICE - add humanize 2015-03-31
4e86d93 Merge branch 'fix/application.conf.default' into 'next' 2015-03-31
a2524f4 Merge branch 'feature/admin-login-warning' into 'next' 2015-03-31
11e9b8a Merge branch 'issue-2232' into 'next' 2015-03-18
561d0e8 application.conf.default: add missing options 2015-03-18
d999d4e conf/application.conf.default: change default play akka thread settings 2015-03-18
34cc736 application.conf.default: change play framework version of application.server 2015-03-18
6054233 application.conf.default: change bonecp default parameters 2015-03-18
d7ff5e3 Added project-transfer spec 2015-03-16
ce6b94f site-admin: show warning affix when admin user was logged in 2015-03-14