@ Commit message Author Date Author
d8143b5 issue: Issue sharing feature - Build api 2018-01-29 doortts
609e211 1 issue: Issue sharing feature - Add model 2018-01-29 doortts
c5b809a LDAP: Add more fallback working case 2018-01-27 doortts
20cc203 Merge branch 'issue/82' into 'next' 2018-01-17 Mijeong Park
4437e5f view: Remove ux(number of heart) & Add new feature for copying email to message(voters more) 2018-01-17 Mijeong Park
04763d8 view: Modify button for copying emails based on application config of showing user email 2018-01-16 Mijeong Park
0317f8a favorite: Fix shortcut compatibility problem 2018-01-10 doortts
ffc758f script: Add alert message to notify clipboard support error in browser 2018-01-10 Mijeong Park
5455b13 script: Use API to check if clipboard is supported & Add alert message when copying email was successful 2018-01-09 Mijeong Park
2563d9a script: Move creation code of clipboard object after loading clipboard lib 2018-01-08 Mijeong Park
af1aa76 issue: Add feature to get the list of voters and to copy emails of voters 2018-01-08 Mijeong Park
5b23567 css: Remove unnecessary direction property 2018-01-08 Mijeong Park
9dab613 issue: Add feature to get the list of voters and to copy emails of voters 2018-01-08 Mijeong Park
2b65045 conf: Add message for copy email button 2018-01-08 Mijeong Park
804737d css: Fix group project icon alignment 2018-01-03 doortts
d827f72 project: Add starred project feature at project breadcromb 2018-01-03 doortts
f17c166 navbar: Add custom link to navbar feature 2018-01-03 doortts
a4eb54c navbar: Change to display pure name only 2018-01-03 doortts
0eb258a Merge pull request #320 from hongwonjun/organizationPullRequest 2017-12-20
5d85a49 review 반영 2017-10-31
f8ed345 Group: Add pull request menu (#260) 2017-10-27
2681639 1 version: v1.8.1 2017-10-13 doortts
e6f3865 webhook: Add help messages at webhook setting page 2017-10-10 doortts
1a32856 two-column-mode: Change css style to prevent mis-arragement 2017-10-08 doortts
a432335 README: Update readme 2017-10-05 doortts