@ Commit message Author Date Author
d701c6e Merge pull request #99 from outsideris/support-twitter-cards 2016-12-01 doortts
346ec27 etc: support twitter cards 2016-12-01
4e49640 version: Yona v1.1.0 2016-12-01 doortts
545b324 migration: Update view page 2016-11-27 doortts
f481394 version: Yona v1.1.0-rc1 2016-11-27 doortts
20cf619 migration: Add migration options at application.conf 2016-11-27 doortts
88026f1 api: Include milestones when export 2016-11-20 doortts
3c501e6 api: Support project exports 2016-11-19 doortts
230ad4c api: Support reading post by api 2016-11-19 doortts
b3ba0c4 migraion: Support yona to github migration 2016-11-17 doortts
8082e79 etc: Support minimal OG tag 2016-11-15 doortts
f819469 lable: Fix board label deletion bug 2016-11-14 doortts
a735115 api: Support posting import by api 2016-11-13 doortts
30db247 api: Support file upload with token 2016-11-12 doortts
c75d35c markdown: Change default markdown render font 2016-11-11 doortts
01df8ac mobile: Adjust subtle css alignments 2016-11-11 doortts
6d41586 mobile: Apply more mobile friendly css 2016-11-11 doortts
cabadab user: Support user token 2016-11-10 doortts
8fb1d39 css: Increase readability 2016-11-10 doortts
7754d31 markdown: Change h1 and link render style 2016-11-09 doortts
531f840 readme: Update site links 2016-11-02 doortts
d31fa38 Merge pull request #91 from sjstyle/fix/render-issue 2016-11-02 doortts
bbfa1c2 Update AUTHORS 2016-11-01 doortts
9940719 Fix header render issue. 2016-10-27
28167e7 Merge pull request #92 from sjstyle/fix/d2-link 2016-11-01 doortts