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2b2bcbc Fixed windows in Korean representation. Browse code 2014-03-19
71f7715 MS windows user uses backslash as directory seperator. Browse code 2014-03-18
a94a750 MS windows user uses backslash as directory seperator. Browse code 2014-03-18
2322ec8 README: additional work blah blah Browse code 2014-03-17 doortts
e6831f9 README: change current version 0.3 to 0.4 Browse code 2014-03-17 doortts
01e5c4a README: change run option description Browse code 2014-02-13 doortts
f72e063 README: add download option for windows user Browse code 2013-10-24 doortts
c921574 Copyright: change copyright message Browse code 2013-10-17 doortts
6424a0f fix typing error in README.md Browse code 2013-10-16
17e31d6 README: add yobi.io site link Browse code 2013-10-14 doortts
a5ea66d README: change some text Browse code 2013-10-10 doortts
7ad152f remove redundant line Browse code 2013-08-06 doortts
4ade154 Update README.md Browse code 2013-07-25 doortts
e91857d change a project name to yobi Browse code 2013-07-25
835e63e Update README.md Browse code 2013-05-22
844c4c4 separate license related paragraph to LICENSE file Browse code 2013-05-22 doortts
b49c696 README: add english description Browse code 2013-05-22 doortts
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51ff38f Update README.md Browse code 2013-05-20 doortts
dacc35c Update README.md Browse code 2013-04-09 doortts
009a2fd README.md: add project front screen shot Browse code 2013-04-09 doortts
075b032 update build status image link Browse code 2013-04-08 doortts
32b570d update README.md Browse code 2013-04-08 doortts
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