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f9bbab6 Fixed `temporarySaveHandler` typo Fixed inappropriate comment Browse code 2018-05-10
b7a2931 js: Update minify-js.sh Browse code 2018-04-25 doortts
5406854 js: Update minify-js.sh and related files Browse code 2018-04-12 doortts
1ae2c41 js: Upgrade Clipboard.js to 2.0 Browse code 2018-04-07 doortts
238481a js: Upgrade jQuery to v3.3.1 Browse code 2018-04-07 doortts
c7db1fe Add clipboard.js and use it on copy methods. Browse code 2017-09-16
2a1f481 minify-js.sh: Add comment lines for dev mode Browse code 2017-01-13 doortts
638f32a perf: Minify and concat js files Browse code 2016-02-23 doortts