@ Commit message Author Date Author
730a4b7 i18n: Support english name if exist in LDAP Browse code 2017-09-19 doortts
1dabdc0 @Author -> @author Browse code 2015-01-19
b6e8d81 ListPages: change style of comments and vote on list Browse code 2014-04-28
8866340 fix the issue 1133. Browse code 2014-04-21
a8a14af Date: fixed to use agoOrDateString Browse code 2014-04-16
7684f88 Remove trailing whitespaces Browse code 2014-03-04
880c5da Simplify boolean expression Browse code 2014-03-04
91606ec Profile: Fix broken layout of board list on profile Browse code 2014-02-11
5674330 project: Fix projectLogoImage to support application.context Browse code 2013-12-19
bc95f8d Replace momentFromNow(Date) with momentFromNow(Date, language) Browse code 2013-12-10
8b25017 Add missing eol to every text files. Browse code 2013-11-26
4872ddc add module user.View. change userview list styles. Browse code 2013-10-31
ca2c4eb exchange font icons Browse code 2013-09-09
449bdcb modify userinfo/issue list style, make .nbtn flat Browse code 2013-07-30
295f2a7 fixed #351 Browse code 2013-07-19