@ Commit message Author Date Author
ce4b6ff usermenu: Revoke right-top usermenu Browse code 2019-01-16 doortts
412beaa sidebar: Enhance sidebar scroll style Browse code 2019-01-10 doortts
315e65b sidebar: Add scrollbar to sidebar area Browse code 2019-01-09 doortts
c103896 sidebar: Makes iframe loading smoothly Browse code 2019-01-04 doortts
e8fedcb sidebar: Enhance sidebar button ux Browse code 2018-12-17
8c4901f sidebar: Polish ux elements Browse code 2018-12-11 doortts
f5b7944 sidebar: Modify margin and add selected ux Browse code 2018-12-11 doortts
0873901 sidebar: Add complementary fixes Browse code 2018-12-11 doortts
3a2a29a sidebar: Add sidebar feature Browse code 2018-11-28 doortts
a40084e mention: Colorize mention link Browse code 2018-10-24 doortts
457680f mention: Change rendered mention css style Browse code 2018-10-23 doortts
cca1b79 comment: Support attachments modification Browse code 2018-10-22 doortts
d0c1434 two-column-mode: Enhance UI Browse code 2018-10-09 doortts
d8f0191 attachment: Move download icon from back to ahead Browse code 2018-10-09 doortts
b675cb9 sub-comment: Change online comment form css Browse code 2018-10-03 doortts
b8c3d3d css: Remove attachment file list border Browse code 2018-09-14 doortts
4fd614f issue: Change sub-comment style Browse code 2018-09-14 doortts
216d80f checklist: Change add checklist button style Browse code 2018-08-26 doortts
9ff6e5b checklist: Change add checklist button style Browse code 2018-08-26 doortts
cb59184 tasklist: New feature - Task List Browse code 2018-08-22 doortts
3f3dd4d fixup! comment: Show highlighted comment Browse code 2018-08-21 doortts
764cc3b comment: Show highlighted comment Browse code 2018-08-20 doortts
688b83a css: Adjust markdown some css to match github Browse code 2018-07-06 doortts
e46a45e Revert "fixup! issue: Support one line sub-comment" Browse code 2018-06-27 doortts
9a02f21 license: Update copyright sentence Browse code 2018-06-21 doortts