@ Commit message Author Date Author
ce4b6ff usermenu: Revoke right-top usermenu 2019-01-16 doortts
cfeb540 Merge branch 'enhance/sidebar' into next 2019-01-10 doortts
412beaa sidebar: Enhance sidebar scroll style 2019-01-10 doortts
315e65b sidebar: Add scrollbar to sidebar area 2019-01-09 doortts
cfbf53a sidebar: Modify css for IE browser 2019-01-09 doortts
c07a164 Merge branch 'feature/issue-move-2' into next 2019-01-09
ac5cb54 issue: Fix moved issue's mail message 2018-12-06
4b144e9 Merge branch 'enhance/sidebar' into next 2019-01-09 doortts
c103896 sidebar: Makes iframe loading smoothly 2019-01-04 doortts
dccbb6f Merge branch 'feature/notification-regex' into next 2019-01-08
df52866 notification: Correct regex to be not removed last character 2018-12-24
3b34619 Merge branch 'feature/my-issue-side-bar' into next 2019-01-08
824b64c my-issue: Add glyphicon 2018-12-24
ebb2a70 Merge branch 'feature/sidebar-button' into next 2019-01-08
e8fedcb sidebar: Enhance sidebar button ux 2018-12-17
0ada41b sidebar: Fix history back bug 2018-12-12
68e48e1 Merge branch 'feature/sidebar' into next 2018-12-12 doortts
8c4901f sidebar: Polish ux elements 2018-12-11 doortts
8b05ac2 sidebar: Fix UI bug of anonymous user 2018-12-11 doortts
5c005e1 sidebar: Change old file comment 2018-12-11 doortts
f5b7944 sidebar: Modify margin and add selected ux 2018-12-11 doortts
0873901 sidebar: Add complementary fixes 2018-12-11 doortts
3a2a29a sidebar: Add sidebar feature 2018-11-28 doortts
f6e7c75 milestone: Turn off autocomplete attribute at dueDate field 2018-12-12 doortts
86b11ee translate: Fix translate bug fix 2018-12-10