@ Commit message Author Date Author
1ae2c41 js: Upgrade Clipboard.js to 2.0 Browse code 2018-04-07 doortts
11d3f5e i18n: Fix name rendering bug in mail contents Browse code 2017-09-25 doortts
c7db1fe Add clipboard.js and use it on copy methods. Browse code 2017-09-16
222cb49 title: Change browser title text Browse code 2017-08-09 doortts
af80f86 code: Show text file line ending type in code browser Browse code 2017-04-20 doortts
daf24d6 code: Make issue number autolink in commit message body Browse code 2017-03-26 doortts
1b873ae code: Fix file tab link bug Browse code 2017-03-26 doortts
2f7e25a code: Support simplified online commit Browse code 2017-03-08 doortts
c5a7a42 code-browser: Fix markdown render link detect error Browse code 2017-02-04 doortts
688ccd9 code-browser: Fix subtle margin at breadcrumbs Browse code 2017-01-25 doortts
83d3fa0 markdown: Make markdown files to refer code repository files directly Browse code 2017-01-11 doortts
d91a576 project: Support utf8 project name at creation Browse code 2016-12-24 doortts
cb81968 codeBrowser: Fix Code browser nav tab link error Browse code 2016-12-16 doortts
8afa58b git: Support source code download as zip file Browse code 2016-12-16 doortts
49a97cf mobile: Add more mobile support pages - part2 Browse code 2016-02-18 doortts
41bf4b4 Merge branch 'perf/issue' into 'next' Browse code 2015-08-19
fe5ebc4 perf: Avoid unnecessary permission check Browse code 2015-08-17
94530da Merge branch 'enhance/code-browser-open' into 'next' Browse code 2015-05-27
9e28c8d code-browser: rename and add help popover at 'open with browser' button Browse code 2015-03-24
2954a43 code-browser: fix navigation bug at branch select dropdown menu Browse code 2015-03-24
9387af8 code-browser: change url to use branchName at code browser Browse code 2015-03-24
857020a svn: Fix incorrect url to file at specific revision Browse code 2015-03-18
05a5a78 svn: remove sTplRawURL which is not used Browse code 2015-03-18
20e4076 Merge branch 'fix/incorrectly-selected-branch' into 'next' Browse code 2015-03-12
c13745d code: Do not show selected branch for a commit Browse code 2015-03-10