@ Commit message Author Date Author
7e73ee2 editor: Support draft saving feature Browse code 2018-04-17
878e2de css: Change notification box position Browse code 2018-02-01 doortts
e7017fa css: Change notification box position and style Browse code 2017-08-08 doortts
6a21de9 avatar: Fix avatar ratio for some edge case Browse code 2017-08-06 doortts
ad0c9c3 css: Fix problem that some layout covers button on mobile view Browse code 2017-07-24 doortts
e189670 css: Fix voted user avatar verticatl alignment Browse code 2017-03-08 doortts
691986c access-rule: Make user can see original content text Browse code 2017-01-27 doortts
e3f80f6 issue-label: Remove redundant border radius Browse code 2017-01-25 doortts
ffb6bce usermenu: Change some subtle styles Browse code 2017-01-24 doortts
b122b99 usermenu: Replace index project list to new sidebar Browse code 2017-01-22 doortts
948296f home: Change project listup ui at login home Browse code 2017-01-21 doortts
d2fbefb attachement: Allow upload file max size setting Browse code 2016-12-14 doortts
257380f UI: Change comment icon and meta info size Browse code 2016-02-29 doortts
58265ae markdown: Beautify markdown css style Browse code 2016-02-10 doortts
e461873 project: show project watcher count Browse code 2015-03-23
f990923 Remove `cursor:pointer` from .issue-label Browse code 2014-08-05
75484d6 `Agree` buttons on each comment are added. Browse code 2014-06-23
60ebf00 Issue: improve layout Browse code 2014-07-15
78b2db1 Merge branch 'improve/issue-926-notimail-html-template' of dlab/hive Browse code 2014-07-30
9bc6073 UserInfo: separate each form tabs into independent page Browse code 2014-07-25
cb27f96 Merge branch 'improve/project-dashboard-140617' of dlab/hive Browse code 2014-07-28
ee51381 Project: "no assignee" avatar on dashboard Browse code 2014-06-27
d37c4bb Project: improve validations for new project form Browse code 2014-06-12
95dcc19 Project: improve new project form style Browse code 2014-06-12
69d2c5b Remove `pressed` effect from watching button Browse code 2014-06-09