@ Commit message Author Date Author
cd230c6 issue: Support favorite issue feature Browse code 2018-06-10 doortts
c5c28f1 issue: Support one line sub-comment Browse code 2018-06-10 doortts
b37cd68 css: Make issue title bold at my issues page Browse code 2018-04-12 doortts
e7d2104 subtask: Show subtasks at the issue list page Browse code 2018-04-11 doortts
9994165 css: Change the font of subtask list number Browse code 2018-03-23 doortts
6c40572 issue: Add descriptions to issue share button Browse code 2018-03-13 doortts
db2e13a ui: Make list sorting filter ui more distinguishable Browse code 2018-03-13 doortts
af7aeeb index: Show more notification body contents at index page Browse code 2018-02-26 doortts
77bf0a9 isssue: Support milestone changing history and notification Browse code 2018-02-13 doortts
9bf3ddf css: Fix wrapping problem of milestone name in list Browse code 2018-02-10 doortts
c7c4879 issue: Adjust alignment of labels at issue listing Browse code 2018-02-08 doortts
a56074b issue: Display label changing history at issue timeline Browse code 2018-02-07 doortts
7d387b1 css: Fix two column mode loading icon path Browse code 2018-02-03 doortts
760c25c my-issues: Change my issues listing style Browse code 2018-02-09 doortts
a60c67c css: Change issue event timeline padding size Browse code 2018-01-31 doortts
679c6c0 issue: Issue sharing feature - support notification Browse code 2018-01-31 doortts
49812f7 issue: Issue sharing feature - view and message Browse code 2018-01-29 doortts
804737d css: Fix group project icon alignment Browse code 2018-01-03 doortts
d827f72 project: Add starred project feature at project breadcromb Browse code 2018-01-03 doortts
43a380a subtask: Change selected subtask style Browse code 2017-09-26 doortts
b76bd36 css: Remove border of comment and voter icon at Subtask list Browse code 2017-09-25 doortts
423de76 pull-request: Show target branch at list Browse code 2017-09-25 doortts
9dc84bc subtask: Show comments and voter counter Browse code 2017-09-22 doortts
cfbe664 project-settings: Fix member list alignment Browse code 2017-09-21 doortts
369a4b1 css: Change milestone tag color at issue list Browse code 2017-09-16 doortts