@ Commit message Author Date Author
49812f7 issue: Issue sharing feature - view and message Browse code 2018-01-29 doortts
dc30300 my-issues: Change favorite project listing style Browse code 2017-07-31 doortts
2d4c899 my-issues: Change owner name min width Browse code 2017-07-15 doortts
3042e93 my-issues: Support favorite projects listing Browse code 2017-07-15 doortts
21eb565 feature: Show group list of site Browse code 2017-07-11 doortts
b8e243a login: Simplify login input form Browse code 2017-03-13 doortts
2bb95f7 authentication: Support Github/Gmail social login Browse code 2017-02-01 doortts
9684b12 yonafy: Apply modifications for fork project Browse code 2016-01-18 doortts
52ebebc organization: fix mis-aligned searchbox and fix wrong bg color Browse code 2015-04-13
dbcebe6 user-expression: improve username expression Browse code 2015-03-28
60e5822 ui.Select2: fix .branche-label styles for other branch types Browse code 2014-08-18
e29343c Fix cursor style for day of the week title in date picker Browse code 2014-08-07
4d93dd8 Issue: set width of ui.Select2 field relative to search form Browse code 2014-08-05
9243ee6 IssueLabel: handle exclusive category at ui.Select2 as custom behavior Browse code 2014-07-22
60ebf00 Issue: improve layout Browse code 2014-07-15
dd1eb0f IssueLabel: Refactored editor Browse code 2014-06-30
7ea1ef8 ui.Select2: add 'branch' format and apply to code browser, history. Browse code 2014-07-08
95dcc19 Project: improve new project form style Browse code 2014-06-12
a54651d issue-label: suble ui change for more flat Browse code 2014-05-20 doortts
c8133ce Issue: improve voters list Browse code 2014-05-13
7ce77fc Issue: arrange label, vote, watch button positions Browse code 2014-05-08
6ce055c Change dropdown style for label edit in issue view Browse code 2014-04-28
8564ac0 Issue: change label selector style on view page Browse code 2014-04-22
a3d11d5 Issue: edit label on issueView Browse code 2014-03-27
1c134a3 IssueSearch: group milestones by state using optgroup Browse code 2014-03-18