@ Commit message Author Date Author
cd230c6 issue: Support favorite issue feature Browse code 2018-06-10 doortts
c5c28f1 issue: Support one line sub-comment Browse code 2018-06-10 doortts
f639f48 editor: Support autoresize of textarea Browse code 2018-06-08 doortts
b1a3ea3 issue: Refactor for readability Browse code 2018-04-27 Mijeong Park
a570538 issue: Fix issue move bug Browse code 2018-04-26 Mijeong Park
fe6d60d ebean: Work around of deep object refer bug Browse code 2018-04-20 doortts
f34682c menu: Remove redundant 'open' parameter in the menu Browse code 2018-04-18 doortts
614936a help: Update markdown table description Browse code 2018-04-18 doortts
7e73ee2 editor: Support draft saving feature Browse code 2018-04-17
4c4dc98 issue: Fix issue sharer bug Browse code 2018-04-16 Mijeong Park
e4188d7 two-column-mode: Support subtask click in the list Browse code 2018-04-12 doortts
b37cd68 css: Make issue title bold at my issues page Browse code 2018-04-12 doortts
a60410a fixup! search: Refactor SearchCondition.java Browse code 2018-04-12 doortts
e7d2104 subtask: Show subtasks at the issue list page Browse code 2018-04-11 doortts
2e533ad subtask: Extract similar code blocks to file Browse code 2018-04-11 doortts
c224e28 mention: Down grade mention api access control level Browse code 2018-04-12 doortts
df379dd search: Refactor SearchCondition.java Browse code 2018-04-12 doortts
dc4a984 noti: Reset user noti settings when to unwatch a project Browse code 2018-04-10 doortts
1969696 lang: Fix pure name only detection bug Browse code 2018-04-10 doortts
1ae2c41 js: Upgrade Clipboard.js to 2.0 Browse code 2018-04-07 doortts
d979ad0 Revert "issue: Fix voters bug" Browse code 2018-03-23 Mijeong Park
9994165 css: Change the font of subtask list number Browse code 2018-03-23 doortts
c00d74d title: Disable title input box autocompletion Browse code 2018-03-23 doortts
c25850c title-prefix: Support auto-completion title header Browse code 2018-03-21 doortts
33e4d72 Add gfm autolink on file protocol. Browse code 2018-05-27