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@ Commit message Author Date Author
cd230c6 issue: Support favorite issue feature 2018-06-10 doortts
c5c28f1 issue: Support one line sub-comment 2018-06-10 doortts
f639f48 editor: Support autoresize of textarea 2018-06-08 doortts
ecf0367 lib: Add autoresize.js 2018-06-08 doortts
0a10b41 temporarySaveHandler: Refactored default argument 2018-05-11
f9bbab6 Fixed `temporarySaveHandler` typo Fixed inappropriate comment 2018-05-10
f691b8a Fixed intermittently occurred draft contents remaining issue 2018-05-08
b9cd06d bulit yona-lib.js 2018-05-08
31c0b7b Enhanced noticePanel fade out animation 2018-05-08
6d8b290 Applied draft save function to CommentUpdateForms. Fixed inappropriate label notices. 2018-05-08
14fe9d8 title-prefix: Modify options 2018-04-30 doortts
b1a3ea3 issue: Refactor for readability 2018-04-27 Mijeong Park
a570538 issue: Fix issue move bug 2018-04-26 Mijeong Park
b7a2931 js: Update minify-js.sh 2018-04-25 doortts
af99167 editor: Tune draft saving timing and notification 2018-04-20 doortts
fe6d60d ebean: Work around of deep object refer bug 2018-04-20 doortts
f34682c menu: Remove redundant 'open' parameter in the menu 2018-04-18 doortts
614936a help: Update markdown table description 2018-04-18 doortts
7e73ee2 editor: Support draft saving feature 2018-04-17
a7f3f95 two-column-mode: Show clicked item url 2018-04-16 doortts
4c4dc98 issue: Fix issue sharer bug 2018-04-16 Mijeong Park
e4188d7 two-column-mode: Support subtask click in the list 2018-04-12 doortts
b37cd68 css: Make issue title bold at my issues page 2018-04-12 doortts
5406854 js: Update minify-js.sh and related files 2018-04-12 doortts
d43f2be editor: Support excel table paste to markdown table 2018-04-12 doortts