@ Commit message Author Date Author
9783f28 initial-data: Set admin user state 'ACTVIE' at first Browse code 2017-03-11 doortts
bac6f50 init-data: Change site admin name and email Browse code 2016-02-10 doortts
7c2a305 group: Fix bug derived from evolution reset Browse code 2016-01-27 doortts
74e953e Merge remote-tracking branch 'insanehong/issue-1148' into feature/organization-on-master Browse code 2014-04-09
f44ed7c remove some initial data which bring about an error. Browse code 2014-02-25
d2bb653 Organization: user can make organization Browse code 2014-02-20
cc48414 Added organization Browse code 2014-02-20
52708aa user: Fix avatarUrl to support application.context Browse code 2013-12-19
4d68065 Label: Improve Project Label (Tag) Browse code 2013-06-10
aae5da6 Tag: Remove duplicated entry in initial-data.yml. Browse code 2013-06-10
e320a55 project: Improve Project Tagging. Browse code 2013-05-03
47c8c70 Insert essential data the first time hive runs. Browse code 2013-04-17
da484b8 Insert initial data only if in test mode. Browse code 2013-04-17
f728051 taskBoard: Remove the Task Board and related files. Browse code 2013-04-04
08121da Rename 'date' fields to 'createdDate'. Browse code 2013-03-27
be6519d Refactor Issue and Post. Browse code 2013-03-07
57b8cc7 milestone: Calculate numbers just in time. Browse code 2013-01-23
b7f4faf Rewrite Access Controller Browse code 2013-01-18
9fcae2e apply markup to user info Browse code 2013-01-15
a380563 apply avatar at board, issue Browse code 2013-01-14
1f25fe0 refactoring user profile avatar Browse code 2013-01-14
ae5b842 change initial email address Browse code 2013-01-13 doortts
cea82c2 fix user info link error at board Browse code 2013-01-09
9a0749b issue: Fix failures related assignee. Browse code 2012-12-08
edd5674 issue: Introduce Assignee model. Browse code 2012-12-05