@ Commit message Author Date Author
cb66cd6 issue: Refine my issues list style 2017-04-23 doortts
c954740 site-admin: Change ordering of lists 2017-04-22 doortts
2e8562b footer: Fix broken D2 link 2017-04-20 doortts
af80f86 code: Show text file line ending type in code browser 2017-04-20 doortts
5cd75c4 js: Fix Yona's jQuery template related bug 2017-04-18 doortts
0dd9362 code: Fix error that may occur when 'master branch' does not exist 2017-04-18 doortts
7f1d6e4 issue: Change 'show watcher of this issue' button position and icon 2017-04-17 doortts
1e07cac projects: Show no projects message 2017-04-17 doortts
b1f7061 markdown: Change some case of li styles 2017-04-17 doortts
dbf9700 markdown: Change code highlighting method 2017-04-17 doortts
02ca7ec markdown: Update highlight.js to 9.10.0 2017-04-17 doortts
d1ce09a markdown: Change to use Nashorn for rendering markdown 2017-04-17 doortts
724c31e history: Make more small and readable change history 2017-04-16 doortts
97169d5 history: Update posting history escaping method 2017-04-16 doortts
645f6f1 sanitize: Apply sanitization and fix vulnerability 2017-04-16 doortts
90dc623 social-login: Add fallback with ignore cases email search 2017-04-16 doortts
d071e97 README: Update feature list 2017-04-15 doortts
5fe1253 view: Make more natural loading effect in two column mode 2017-04-06 doortts
a5d9000 view: Mark selected list item in two column mode 2017-04-06 doortts
261d795 board: Remove 'target=_blank' from new button link in a page 2017-04-06 doortts
49264b7 css: Subtle adjustments in my issues page 2017-04-06 doortts
dfd5d69 view: Show loading image in two column mode 2017-04-06 doortts
d8190be view: Add loading image 2017-04-06 doortts
13eba31 mention: Monkey patching for two column mode 2017-04-05 doortts
9615366 mention: Update mention and at.js to v1.5.1 2017-04-05 doortts