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bf52867 social-login: Change required github user scope 2017-02-11 doortts
993f586 social-login: Provide option which sync with local user name 2017-02-11 doortts
be64bfb makrdown: Reduce H2 padding size 2017-02-10 doortts
3c0738f markdown: Reduce seconed li bottom padding 2017-02-09 doortts
08537ad build.sbt: Fix for Windows OS long path problem 2017-02-07 doortts
2bde559 migration: Update migration layout for new sidebar 2017-02-07 doortts
2b0b4fd build.sbt: use YONA_OPTS for Windows OS JAVA env vars 2017-02-06 doortts
885f718 build.sbt: Update for Windows OS 2017-02-06 doortts
226d709 my-issues: Fix 'commented by me' filter bug 2017-02-06 doortts
ef929ab Merge pull request #142 from KimDaesap/master 2017-02-12 doortts
20d321f markdown: Remove unintended code inserted at v1.3 2017-02-08 doortts
b790c58 docs: Update docs/ko/install-mariadb.md 2017-02-08 doortts
b2c37df usermenu: Prevent search input focus at low resolution device 2017-02-05 doortts
96fef46 docs: Update application-conf-desc.md 2017-02-08 doortts
c25d4aa ARM64 지원을 위한 라이브러리 의존성 추가 2017-02-07
49e6d8c docs: Update yona-upgrade.md 2017-02-05 doortts
b577e4d responsive: Make compatible for more various width device 2017-02-05 doortts
2377d5e code-browser: Fix parse breadcrumb path URLEncoding bug 2017-02-05 doortts
98bbc06 docs: Fix typo 2017-02-04 doortts
4303d9b docs: Fix missing link at install-yona-server.md 2017-02-04 doortts
6d66511 project-setting: Show issue template edit menu at Git project only 2017-02-04 doortts
e41907b docs: Add more help message to yona-upgrade.md 2017-02-04 doortts
acf6da4 issue: Prevent issue template creation bug 2017-02-04 doortts
8989065 docs: Social login provider selection options desc 2017-02-04 doortts
0933b6f docs: Add more detailed upgrade guide 2017-02-04 doortts