@ Commit message Author Date Author
2681639 1 version: v1.8.1 Browse code 2017-10-13 doortts
e3d0cd9 version: v1.8.0 Browse code 2017-09-26 doortts
66af7ac svn: Fix malformed xml error Browse code 2017-09-06
7558fb5 version: Yona v1.7.0 Browse code 2017-09-03 doortts
f3b7280 version: Yona v1.6.1 Browse code 2017-07-23 doortts
b3ac81f version: Yona v1.6.0 Browse code 2017-07-18 doortts
7c97280 version: Yona v1.5.1 Browse code 2017-05-04 doortts
2c4dbc5 version: Yona v1.5.0 Browse code 2017-04-24 doortts
6e26c0a version: Yona v1.4.1 Browse code 2017-03-23 doortts
fb63afe version: Yona v1.4.0 Browse code 2017-03-17 doortts
d2b6abd version: Yona v1.3.3 Browse code 2017-03-08 doortts
662f203 version: Yona v1.3.2 Browse code 2017-02-23 doortts
d3d9d2e Revert "ARM64 지원을 위한 라이브러리 의존성 추가" Browse code 2017-02-16 doortts
ab0cec4 version: Yona v1.3.1 Browse code 2017-02-16 doortts
450de17 build.sbt: Change yona.bat script for Windows Browse code 2017-02-08 doortts
08537ad build.sbt: Fix for Windows OS long path problem Browse code 2017-02-07 doortts
2b0b4fd build.sbt: use YONA_OPTS for Windows OS JAVA env vars Browse code 2017-02-06 doortts
885f718 build.sbt: Update for Windows OS Browse code 2017-02-06 doortts
c25d4aa ARM64 지원을 위한 라이브러리 의존성 추가 Browse code 2017-02-07
87edc22 version: Yona v1.3.0 Browse code 2017-02-04 doortts
2bb95f7 authentication: Support Github/Gmail social login Browse code 2017-02-01 doortts
8683d35 sanitize: Change markdown text sanitizing method Browse code 2017-01-16 doortts
67a2ec7 lib: Upgrade mariadb connector from v1.3.6 to v1.5.5 Browse code 2017-01-08 doortts
1b3db0c data: Separate data to be maintained from installed Yona Browse code 2017-01-07 doortts
56f8288 version: Yona v1.2.0 Browse code 2016-12-23 doortts