@ Commit message Author Date Author
679c6c0 issue: Issue sharing feature - support notification Browse code 2018-01-31 doortts
730a4b7 i18n: Support english name if exist in LDAP Browse code 2017-09-19 doortts
f268a3e css: Change view buttons to icons Browse code 2017-08-11 doortts
2077c1e extras: Apply experimental translation Browse code 2017-08-11 doortts
3e196bb comments: Change display name, author login id to author name Browse code 2017-07-26 doortts
3379a7f avatar: Show Gravatar for fallback Browse code 2017-03-24 doortts
f1aecf9 issue: Show event message when issue is moved Browse code 2017-03-06 doortts
691986c access-rule: Make user can see original content text Browse code 2017-01-27 doortts
7d88f1e mobile: Support mobile view very roughly Browse code 2016-02-16 doortts
b4388e0 fix: Fix Incorrect link of user info page Browse code 2016-02-15 doortts
5f64376 notification: Add noti mail send option Browse code 2015-04-18
dbcebe6 user-expression: improve username expression Browse code 2015-03-28
8be4339 Introduce Mailbox Service Browse code 2014-10-28
11db694 Improves the auto-link feature Browse code 2014-12-01
afd70e0 attachments: Optimize getting list of attachments Browse code 2014-11-20
0c3c740 Unvote comment has specified message Browse code 2014-08-06
75484d6 `Agree` buttons on each comment are added. Browse code 2014-06-23
a8a14af Date: fixed to use agoOrDateString Browse code 2014-04-16
6204742 Fix incorrect data attribute name Browse code 2014-04-11
eee6471 Comment: move edit form into .media-body Browse code 2014-04-09
a4f4340 Unify markdown editor form Browse code 2014-04-09
25a896c fix comment edit/delete button styles Browse code 2014-04-07
6e669fe comment: add comment edit/update feature Browse code 2014-04-01 doortts
0243e0e fix the issue 1048. Browse code 2014-03-18
68db255 Comment: add title for absolute date time Browse code 2014-03-17