@ Commit message Author Date Author
bf30d06 noti-message: Modify logic for preventing null return in getPlainMessage 2018-02-07 Mijeong Park
3cc43f2 Merge branch 'feature/issue-share' into 'next' 2018-02-06 Mijeong Park
e1fd294 1 Merge branch 'feature/noti-diff' into 'next' 2018-02-06 doortts
b68f3fd my-issues: Show shared issue list 2018-01-31 doortts
679c6c0 issue: Issue sharing feature - support notification 2018-01-31 doortts
49812f7 issue: Issue sharing feature - view and message 2018-01-29 doortts
d8143b5 issue: Issue sharing feature - Build api 2018-01-29 doortts
4204527 fix: Remove logic for rendering markdown (duplicated HTML tags) 2018-02-05 Mijeong Park
bcc7bfd refactoring: Remove reassigning value to argument 2018-02-02 Mijeong Park
609e211 1 issue: Issue sharing feature - Add model 2018-01-29 doortts
c5b809a LDAP: Add more fallback working case 2018-01-27 doortts
fc69f04 fix: Add logic for rendering markdown again 2018-02-02 Mijeong Park
70318a8 refactoring: Separate logic as private function from public function 2018-02-02 Mijeong Park
c9fed99 noti: Modify logic for sending email noti to use diff format 2018-01-31 Mijeong Park
46f5380 noti: Add method for getting noti message with Plain format 2018-01-31 Mijeong Park
c974509 refactoring: Modify html tag for new line 2018-01-31 Mijeong Park
7b05d49 noti: Add function for sending email noti with Plain format in case of ISSUE_BODY_CHANGED 2018-01-29 Mijeong Park
b07b52f typo: Modify test method name 2018-01-29 Mijeong Park
de6defd noti: Add logic for sending email noti with HTML format in case of ISSUE_BODY_CHANGED 2018-01-29 Mijeong Park
8b9cacb message: Add NAVER LABS Corp to comment 2018-01-29 Mijeong Park
85c7719 refactoring: Modify String class to StringBuilder class 2018-01-29 Mijeong Park
c219842 3 util: Add function for getting diff(Plain format) between two values 2018-01-28 Mijeong Park
2fc76d9 1 util: Add function for getting diff(HTML format) between two values 2018-01-26 Mijeong Park
20cc203 Merge branch 'issue/82' into 'next' 2018-01-17 Mijeong Park
4437e5f view: Remove ux(number of heart) & Add new feature for copying email to message(voters more) 2018-01-17 Mijeong Park