@ Commit message Author Date Author
9abb45f version: Update to v1.0.2 Browse code 2016-04-18 doortts
f974fa1 build.sbt: Remove incompatible windows comment Browse code 2016-04-12 doortts
78d67e9 build.sbt: Support YONA_HOME env at WINDOWS OS Browse code 2016-04-08 doortts
dab9ac9 markdown: Fix auto-link bug related to escaped html Browse code 2016-03-13 doortts
64ba695 mariadb-connector: Update connector ver 1.3.5 to 1.3.6 Browse code 2016-03-03 doortts
4666451 markdown: Use rhino markdown render instead of nashorn Browse code 2016-02-29 doortts
49e2b2e perf: Cache markdown rendering results Browse code 2016-02-16 doortts
1f0b672 dependency: Update MariaDB JDBC Connector to 1.3.5 Browse code 2016-02-10 doortts
7ca339b build.sbt: Change base version to 1.0.0 Browse code 2016-02-10 doortts
6271257 yonafy: Change env params to yona Browse code 2016-02-05 doortts
7ad78be DB migration: Add exporting and importing feature Browse code 2016-02-01 doortts
bf8eaa6 yonafy: Change build project name to yona Browse code 2016-01-24 doortts
2b81621 Merge branch 'fix/mailbox-ugly-newlines' into 'next' Browse code 2015-07-03
2009772 Merge branch 'next' into webhook Browse code 2015-06-24
118cf90 mailbox: Remove ugly newlines from an issue submitted via email Browse code 2015-06-19
28e73e0 Merge branch 'issue-2421' into 'next' Browse code 2015-06-17
b1d4bb9 changes the jsoup version to fix an issue which occurs null point exception in the jsoup. Browse code 2015-06-12
3aa070f Merge branch 'next' into webhook Browse code 2015-06-10
8e667db Set up request body and backend hook execution for webhook. Browse code 2015-05-24
970696a Sync 'next' with 'master' Browse code 2015-06-05
4a3109f Set the current version to 0.9.0-SNAPSHOT Browse code 2015-06-05
9197339 Start to develop Yobi 0.8.2 Browse code 2015-06-05
6a6ce3a Yobi 0.8.1 Browse code 2015-06-05
5d7a1f2 build: Apply evolution automatically by default Browse code 2015-06-03
d99bb14 build: Fix $YOBI_HOME to work correctly Browse code 2015-06-03