@ Commit message Author Date Author
a92a27d AUTHORS: Add new contributors 2018-09-05 doortts
b4c6393 message: Change confirmation message in Korean 2018-09-04 doortts
0757f21 checklist: Fix authorization related bug 2018-09-04 doortts
3902d82 util: Fix wrong date formatting 2018-09-04 doortts
c3bd4c5 lang: Support Uzbek 2018-09-03 doortts
144705f lang: Support Russian 2018-09-03 doortts
8f2ba27 build: Remove source and docs from dist files] 2018-08-31 doortts
6cc85d2 markdown: Change few css styles 2018-08-31 doortts
3e8084d mail: Add previous content in the notification mail 2018-08-31 doortts
13242ba marked: Fix header prefix bug 2018-08-30 doortts
edf80dd README: Update README 2018-08-30 doortts
7659b39 issue: Add defense code on Null Pointer Exception 2018-08-28 doortts
a851e13 README: Update README 2018-08-28 doortts
b75e317 db: Change foreigen key option of issue table 2018-08-28 doortts
c5def1f markdown: Change few css styles 2018-08-27 doortts
500453d help: Change markdown help menu ordering 2018-08-26 doortts
216d80f checklist: Change add checklist button style 2018-08-26 doortts
f846daa help: Update markdown table description 2018-08-26 doortts
9ff6e5b checklist: Change add checklist button style 2018-08-26 doortts
f9a44d5 checklist: Fix carriage return related bug 2018-08-26 doortts
08640e1 editor: Support tab indent and untab indent 2018-08-23 doortts
6748395 checklist: Support checklist at the posting page 2018-08-22 doortts
dbd7a36 tasklist: Rename task list to checklist 2018-08-22 doortts
cb59184 tasklist: New feature - Task List 2018-08-22 doortts
3f3dd4d fixup! comment: Show highlighted comment 2018-08-21 doortts