@ Commit message Author Date Author
218e2a7 remove radius on avatar-wrap at project header Browse code 2013-10-14
17a547b change hover backgroud color on tab menu Browse code 2013-10-13
0b4554f fixed layout of link and more ui Browse code 2013-10-13
ebfa972 add margin bottom at paging navigation Browse code 2013-10-13
b14cf09 remove default height on project overview Browse code 2013-10-13
ff2769f fixed footer position Browse code 2013-10-13
5e78fed fixed search bar size on issue list remove shadow at tabmenu Browse code 2013-10-13
e754b26 resize padding on title wrap at issue and board view Browse code 2013-10-13
8f9176f changed currently menu background color on project menu changed background color for numberic element Browse code 2013-10-13
9c5e0d3 changed notification icon sylte changed state color Browse code 2013-10-13
cb0613b changed intro ui changed gnb ui changed index ui Browse code 2013-10-13
4e14bdc project-head: change project head css style Browse code 2013-10-13 doortts
c91a627 project-head: change project head image style Browse code 2013-10-13 doortts
33f5bb9 project-list: show forked project link Browse code 2013-10-13 doortts
d88994c beta-lize - add bata mark to logo side - add direct feedback link to yobi issue tracker - remove old uservoice link Browse code 2013-10-12 doortts
6eca631 add pull request commit events Browse code 2013-09-26
78a4fc4 add browse code button explicitly Browse code 2013-10-08
b9ac906 show file history (#292) Browse code 2013-10-04
0b498f8 Merge pull request #127 from laziel/yobi refs/heads/yobi-129 Browse code 2013-10-11
b268864 add side-by-side diff with mergely.js Browse code 2013-10-11
8496574 add search bar style chagned search bar style on borad list and project list Browse code 2013-10-11
1631c0a remove bottom line on header-wrap class Browse code 2013-10-11
d997763 change class name of notification alert message Browse code 2013-10-11
5bd42e0 change button position on main page Browse code 2013-10-11
a9fb392 add background-image for site intro remove hover event of feature list on site intro resize heading size changed background color of dropdown menu title Browse code 2013-10-10