@ Commit message Author Date Author
a672593 Remove every trailing whitespaces in every files. Browse code 2013-10-30
6ffe07f site: fixed remove padding on body add bobbom padding on html remove overflow style at project-page-wrap class and tab-content class Browse code 2013-10-22
17a547b change hover backgroud color on tab menu Browse code 2013-10-13
0b4554f fixed layout of link and more ui Browse code 2013-10-13
ff2769f fixed footer position Browse code 2013-10-13
5e78fed fixed search bar size on issue list remove shadow at tabmenu Browse code 2013-10-13
8f9176f changed currently menu background color on project menu changed background color for numberic element Browse code 2013-10-13
cb0613b changed intro ui changed gnb ui changed index ui Browse code 2013-10-13
8496574 add search bar style chagned search bar style on borad list and project list Browse code 2013-10-11
a9fb392 add background-image for site intro remove hover event of feature list on site intro resize heading size changed background color of dropdown menu title Browse code 2013-10-10
248613d remove important on ybtn button display sylte Browse code 2013-10-10
6a889ab exchage color for dropdown box title Browse code 2013-10-08
7a5c67f fixed empty project list at gnv Browse code 2013-10-08
9fe6167 add toggle button for guide wrap Browse code 2013-10-08
08d6bd7 exchage button style Browse code 2013-10-05
82df03b changed gnv ui Browse code 2013-10-05
b960fad add new ui styles button and dropdown layer Browse code 2013-10-05
2f4cda4 add label/help to show experimental feature Browse code 2013-10-02
cd3e2d6 exchange state info used color valiable Browse code 2013-09-24
d569113 fix yobi-334 Browse code 2013-09-24
ca2c4eb exchange font icons Browse code 2013-09-09
6869000 fix #173. make massUpdate label buttons smarter Browse code 2013-09-05
f0da548 Hide overflow in .dropdown-menu Browse code 2013-09-09
84a58a3 fix pullRequest conflict message style Browse code 2013-08-29
cb4e964 .usf-group added for common inline userinfo CSS Browse code 2013-08-27