@ Commit message Author Date Author
a672593 Remove every trailing whitespaces in every files. Browse code 2013-10-30
65c08aa pull-request-comment: Changes the commit comment reply sorting Browse code 2013-10-28
190e24e codehistroy:fixed link on list button at code diff view Browse code 2013-10-28
30da810 board: fixed broken board list layout from too long title 1. remove table-style css 2. add ellipsis Browse code 2013-10-25
8b2aad6 fix #388. preserve linebreak on pullReq commitMsg Browse code 2013-10-25
96e2e9a mileston: fixed broken layout when resize broswer size Browse code 2013-10-24
c2fc18b hotfix: hide end of long filename with ellipsis Browse code 2013-10-24
64e9dda add padding at issue list title Browse code 2013-10-24
65bdb2a Merge pull request #149 from insanehong/hive refs/heads/issue/notification-ellipsis Browse code 2013-10-23
4efee6e Merge pull request #152 from insanehong/hive refs/heads/issue/index-font-size Browse code 2013-10-23
a4039b9 index:fixed font size at feature description Browse code 2013-10-23
45932df issue: add ellipsis style to long size title Browse code 2013-10-23
82bc35b notification:fixed default line height and add ellipsis string Browse code 2013-10-22
6ffe07f site: fixed remove padding on body add bobbom padding on html remove overflow style at project-page-wrap class and tab-content class Browse code 2013-10-22
4fdb311 board: fixed comment position from right side to meta info wrap Browse code 2013-10-22
f49fbef modify copyright at footer Browse code 2013-10-18
d42c840 remove text-align css on .center-block, add text-align:center on button wrap Browse code 2013-10-16
88e38f7 add text center align on center-block of common css function Browse code 2013-10-16
55abe92 set font-family for comments in codeDiff Browse code 2013-10-16
9bce9f1 hotfix: add default margin for footer Browse code 2013-10-16
d4be8c3 Add tooltip sidemenu Browse code 2013-10-15
64d159d Render code diff at server-side Browse code 2013-09-12
45db1b3 Improve Pull Request Comment Browse code 2013-09-09
afe9461 fixed default display style to commit comments Browse code 2013-10-14
640ed78 add padding to notification warp and reset button for branch management at pull request view Browse code 2013-10-14