@ Commit message Author Date Author
a88c1c7 Make yobi.home configurable Browse code 2015-03-06
8e00b08 build: Fix a bug that conf directory is ignored Browse code 2015-03-03
13efe77 build: Exclude conf directory while packaging Browse code 2015-03-03
ad07256 Don't use version.conf Browse code 2015-02-09
2cbe12b build: Add findbugs Browse code 2015-02-06
0844910 Added AttachmentCache Browse code 2015-02-04
f155f74 svn: Fix a server error when edit revision property Browse code 2015-01-28
45e1288 Added latest h2 dependency Browse code 2015-01-08
5016350 Upgrade Play from 2.2.6 to 2.3.6 Browse code 2014-11-21