@ Commit message Author Date Author
1dabdc0 @Author -> @author Browse code 2015-01-19
2cae128 online-readme-edit: add online project readme editing feature Browse code 2014-07-24 doortts
b6e8d81 ListPages: change style of comments and vote on list Browse code 2014-04-28
8866340 fix the issue 1133. Browse code 2014-04-21
538aebf Date: fixed to show date exactly Browse code 2014-04-09
b3faea5 BoardList: remove number for noti list Browse code 2014-03-12
7684f88 Remove trailing whitespaces Browse code 2014-03-04
880c5da Simplify boolean expression Browse code 2014-03-04
c4b6800 Add title to date string for ago date Browse code 2014-01-24
48f5b1a Lists: Modify the list to the same style on issue,pull request, board Browse code 2014-01-14
cfc5413 List: remove attachment-icon on issue and board list Browse code 2014-01-16
4d68fa5 IssueList,BoardList: move attachments icon location and add link Browse code 2014-01-14
8b25017 Add missing eol to every text files. Browse code 2013-11-26
30da810 board: fixed broken board list layout from too long title 1. remove table-style css 2. add ellipsis Browse code 2013-10-25
4fdb311 board: fixed comment position from right side to meta info wrap Browse code 2013-10-22
c99724a add comments section line on pullrequest fixed comment icon typing error on board list Browse code 2013-09-25
ca2c4eb exchange font icons Browse code 2013-09-09
dcd7a50 fix n#71, n#65, n#60, n#56, n#52 and more Browse code 2013-08-01
f503670 fix #396, #371, #368 Browse code 2013-07-29
5ab2ac4 modify .watchBtn, board list, diff viewer style Browse code 2013-07-12
f92e7a3 project UI modified. fix UI problems Browse code 2013-06-19
3f9fc29 fix #195, minor CSS improvement Browse code 2013-06-10
de66844 ui-enhancement: board and issue listing ui change Browse code 2013-06-07 doortts