@ Commit message Author Date Author
9c5e0d3 changed notification icon sylte changed state color Browse code 2013-10-13
cb0613b changed intro ui changed gnb ui changed index ui Browse code 2013-10-13
a9fb392 add background-image for site intro remove hover event of feature list on site intro resize heading size changed background color of dropdown menu title Browse code 2013-10-10
62907ec add new flat color scheme Browse code 2013-10-05
cd32cb0 add state color variable Browse code 2013-09-25
0b3b30f change english font, modify issue list Browse code 2013-07-09
14f002f change english font, modify label editor UI (#170) Browse code 2013-07-05
09d9b8b layout UI modification Browse code 2013-06-17
d777a16 keyborad-shortcut: change some shortcut keys Browse code 2013-06-13 doortts
c12b941 ui-profile-page: ui & feature enhancement Browse code 2013-06-05 doortts
b183d69 fix minor CSS Browse code 2013-05-30
8b6acc8 change view filename(HIVE-211), adjust project logo size(HIVE-213), remove unused files, fix filter markup on milestone list Browse code 2013-05-09
2e96636 HIVE UI CSS (HIVE-188) Browse code 2013-05-03
14eca02 font family adjusted and form validator modified. Browse code 2013-04-02
d39245e enhance variables.less, and fix fileDownloader Browse code 2013-03-28
c5aae01 update template. issue list, view, write. Browse code 2013-03-08
ec11bda hive design applied Browse code 2013-02-25
f9076b8 rearrange layout & buttons Browse code 2013-02-20 doortts
0cbbb9c change some css & messages Browse code 2013-01-28 doortts
c2dfa27 Move less files for using less compailer. Browse code 2012-11-30