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@ Commit message Author Date Author
d16ff0e .gitignore: add *.log to .gitignore Browse code 2013-08-05 doortts
2ff950d .gitignore: add conf/application.conf to .gitignore Browse code 2013-08-04 doortts
a8b17e2 application.user.conf: introduce user configuration file Browse code 2013-07-09 doortts
3f9fc29 fix #195, minor CSS improvement Browse code 2013-06-10
de69ba6 gitignore: Add "nohup.out" and "tags". Browse code 2013-05-23
a5a37d2 merge hive branch to master Browse code 2013-03-27
3d4424d migration: Add migration scripts. Browse code 2013-03-26
bd170f2 ignore .svn Browse code 2013-02-26
ec11bda hive design applied Browse code 2013-02-25
8ba4576 remove unnecessary files and organize .gitignore Browse code 2013-02-20 doortts
bc9e0d9 upgrade play2.1-RC2 Browse code 2013-01-17
8e85021 Fix loadAssetsLink for prod mode. Browse code 2012-11-30
36f4a0b specify body length as 2000 Browse code 2012-11-06
58f5c56 heroku deploy test Browse code 2012-10-03
3ca5d17 heroku deploy test Browse code 2012-09-27
b9fd792 fix minor bugs & misspelled words Browse code 2012-08-31 doortts
593074b add db folder to .gitignofile list Browse code 2012-08-14
9c65256 revise newProject and project setting Browse code 2012-08-02
0575306 OS generated files removed Browse code 2012-07-30
161585c Applied the coding style. Browse code 2012-07-12
7655182 Merge branch 'master' of https://dev.naver.com/git/nforge4java - Ignored idea config. Conflicts: .gitignore Browse code 2012-07-11
4bf38bc refactoring board Browse code 2012-07-11
bae1672 Ignored idea setting files. Added Milestone Test. Browse code 2012-07-10
ac3bcec Merge branch 'master' of https://dev.naver.com/git/nforge4java Browse code 2012-07-09
92c2219 Ignored .target folder Browse code 2012-07-07