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8e79598 fix code browser 2013-04-16
31c7430 fix page title 2013-04-16
1ef156f fix prjmenu 2013-04-16
fc508ac apply author avatar CSS 2013-04-16
c743bd3 fix hive.FileDownloader instance problem 2013-04-16
75e4aa3 enhance author avatar CSS (32x32, 64x64) 2013-04-16
dcaa2df ui.FindUser to ui.Typeahead for general use 2013-04-16
139ece2 Merge branch 'master' of https://github.com/nforge/hive 2013-04-16
dd0dc5b fix author avatar CSS(34x34), project list style 2013-04-16
1867855 Merge pull request #9 from npcode/feature/project-tag 2013-04-16
5be44e3 project: Add Tagging feature. 2013-04-15
fbc9774 fix UserInfo page 2013-04-15
3435280 hide milestone contributor list 2013-04-15
1f2a494 fix author-avatar CSS (32x32 overflow hidden) 2013-04-15
077cd55 fix dropdown for vcs select 2013-04-15
25fdae0 apply ui.FindUser on issue list 2013-04-15
add8c06 fix search button style 2013-04-15
c4c693b change UI component name 2013-04-15
786e590 add ui.FindUser 2013-04-15
191fc01 adapt for coding convention 2013-04-15
8720867 fix hive.FileDownloader legacy compatible code 2013-04-15
e526a1f fix member role label CSS 2013-04-15
41ee335 add dropdown UI component 2013-04-15
614eaee Merge pull request #7 from keesun/HIVE-40 2013-04-15
1bf708b posting: Fix a bug anonymous cannot read posting. 2013-04-12