@ Commit message Author Date Author
8cbe1f6 add sbt option 2013-01-18
50fbec1 fix out of memory error at travis 2013-01-18
e826049 Merge branch 'master' of https://github.com/nforge/nforge4 2013-01-18
91298d6 remove caching 2013-01-18
4b9d8ef fix heavy javascript recursion bug 2013-01-18 doortts
e68be3c code: minor fix for some messages. 2013-01-17
386be84 Uploader: Handle the case user has no permission. 2013-01-17
905dd19 fix test supporting class error 2013-01-17
cbe1e63 set play version as 2.1-RC2 2013-01-17
891b698 evolution is setup as true to default 2013-01-17
bc9e0d9 upgrade play2.1-RC2 2013-01-17
b82f19f code: Fix an inappropriate message. 2013-01-17
6c7b9b5 code: Refactor code browser and code history. 2013-01-17
5911fd7 Merge branch 'master' of https://github.com/nforge/nforge4 2013-01-17 doortts
dcbd87d signup validation - password length over 4 character - retyped password confirmation - add i18n messages - error message definition - apply bootstrap popover 2013-01-17 doortts
cd0f87d add some patches from original validate.js 2013-01-17 doortts
cbd4ee4 add test for signup validation 2013-01-17 doortts
e9d6683 upgrade jquery to 1.9.0 - the main reason is some ajax bugs 2013-01-16 doortts
2e751f5 uploader: Refactor some codes to use Uploader. 2013-01-16
f7e8ebb Uploader: Extract Uploader from Markdown Renderer. 2013-01-15
ebe4a6f upgrade bootstrap to v2.2.2 2013-01-15 doortts
702f746 fix issule list avatar size 2013-01-15
489c9be apply markup user profile edit 2013-01-15
9fcae2e apply markup to user info 2013-01-15
08798d2 refactoring loading yml 2013-01-14