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@ Commit message Author Date Author
8afa58b git: Support source code download as zip file 2016-12-16 doortts
f324068 dependency: Update jgit and play 2016-12-16 doortts
82fbbeb 4 conf: Enhance 'signup.confirm' compatibility 2016-12-16 doortts
6f7b0ca conf: Make it more clear 'signup.confirm' option 2016-12-14 doortts
d2fbefb attachement: Allow upload file max size setting 2016-12-14 doortts
daf5793 messages: Fix typo 2016-12-09 doortts
a2b630e google: Increase search engine compatibility 2016-12-09 doortts
c56c5ee ssl: Fix Mixed-Contents warnings 2016-12-09 doortts
21e7d5b project: Fix application.context bug at recent history 2016-12-07 doortts
fb4881a contents-history: Change diff ellipsis style 2016-12-03 doortts
a092488 board: Fix board view label seletion css 2016-12-03 doortts
dc1d57a contents-history: Support ellipsis 2016-12-03 doortts
8103bf1 contents-history: Support change history of issue/board contents 2016-12-03 doortts
cba55c5 utils: Introduce google diff match patch 2016-12-02 doortts
65e608f logo: Change logo css style name 2016-12-02 doortts
d8bb28f intro: Fix typo 2016-12-02 doortts
2af322d marked: Change script option 2016-11-09
33557aa authors: Add new contributor 2016-12-01 doortts
d701c6e Merge pull request #99 from outsideris/support-twitter-cards 2016-12-01 doortts
346ec27 etc: support twitter cards 2016-12-01
4e49640 version: Yona v1.1.0 2016-12-01 doortts
545b324 migration: Update view page 2016-11-27 doortts
f481394 version: Yona v1.1.0-rc1 2016-11-27 doortts
20cf619 migration: Add migration options at application.conf 2016-11-27 doortts
88026f1 api: Include milestones when export 2016-11-20 doortts