@ Commit message Author Date Author
78b2db1 Merge branch 'improve/issue-926-notimail-html-template' of dlab/hive Browse code 2014-07-30
9bc6073 UserInfo: separate each form tabs into independent page Browse code 2014-07-25
cb27f96 Merge branch 'improve/project-dashboard-140617' of dlab/hive Browse code 2014-07-28
ee51381 Project: "no assignee" avatar on dashboard Browse code 2014-06-27
d37c4bb Project: improve validations for new project form Browse code 2014-06-12
95dcc19 Project: improve new project form style Browse code 2014-06-12
69d2c5b Remove `pressed` effect from watching button Browse code 2014-06-09
d4dc336 UI: improve login form style Browse code 2014-05-28
8bcf8b6 change .ybtn-watching color Browse code 2014-05-22
a54651d issue-label: suble ui change for more flat Browse code 2014-05-20 doortts
0267355 navi-tab-ui: change default navi tab ui style Browse code 2014-04-15 doortts
7653263 watchingButton: remove text bold Browse code 2014-04-15
b85a41b ProjectHome: Change background color of fork button Button: Change background color of buttons Browse code 2014-04-15
d1fd3c0 Merge branch 'feature/organization-working' of doortts/yobi Browse code 2014-04-15
3456851 Merge branch 'improve/comment-form-140409' of laziel/yobi Browse code 2014-04-15
302a7ed usermenu-ui: changes for more safer css Browse code 2014-04-15 doortts
7348cd2 usermenu: ui enhancements Browse code 2014-04-14 doortts
8d33499 avatar: remove avatar border Browse code 2014-04-14 doortts
a4f4340 Unify markdown editor form Browse code 2014-04-09
f8087f4 Home: Fix organization layout 1. fix broken layout when resize browser smaller 2. move tab menu of notification location Browse code 2014-04-10
74e953e Merge remote-tracking branch 'insanehong/issue-1148' into feature/organization-on-master Browse code 2014-04-09
451e26d resolve the issue 1148 Browse code 2014-04-03
a3d11d5 Issue: edit label on issueView Browse code 2014-03-27
7051578 ui.Spinner: fix dimmer position Browse code 2014-03-10
9a5e1b6 ui.Common: add sDescription param on alert, confirm, ajaxConfirm Browse code 2014-02-28