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@ Commit message Author Date Author
7516ce3 Rewrite the Pagination. 2013-01-28
0cbbb9c change some css & messages 2013-01-28 doortts
58968b2 Merge branch 'master' of https://github.com/nforge/nforge4 2013-01-25 doortts
eb9e707 provide sorted my projectlist and some css modifications, fix defects 2013-01-25 doortts
1ff55d5 rollback ignored test case 2013-01-24
f1c4063 rollback ignored test case 2013-01-24
c24bd84 rollback ignored test case 2013-01-24
bff1930 remove and fix test case 2013-01-24
ebb0264 rollback ignored test case 2013-01-24
236cf13 change build setting 2013-01-24
91fed5d change build option 2013-01-24
3c7e0e6 project: Fix a permission bug while delete project 2013-01-23
50b1c3f milestone: Fix test failures caused by 57b8cc7. 2013-01-23
9b09774 issue: Set default state to OPEN where list issues. 2013-01-23
91cde31 board,issue: Set tabindex to title and body. 2013-01-23
e95cd6a code: Show vcs of this repository. 2013-01-23
23145f8 change validation popover message to tooltip in sign-up form to avoid some popover bug and popover message overlapping 2013-01-23 doortts
06f1903 milestone: Fix a bug that state cannot be modified. 2013-01-23
57b8cc7 milestone: Calculate numbers just in time. 2013-01-23
f80e7f5 label: Make label works on any browser. 2013-01-22
237b44b issue: Remove caching which doesn't work correctly. 2013-01-22
1283ca4 milestone: Fix counting of open/closed issues. 2013-01-22
b19899e fix errata 2013-01-23
6874b36 project: Fix a bug when remove a member. 2013-01-22
e736528 project: Fix the invalid link to login form. 2013-01-22