@ Commit message Author Date Author
71c0caa change overview history UI Browse code 2013-05-10
8859bcd fix merge failures Browse code 2013-05-09
7caacad add javadoc and remove unused method Browse code 2013-05-08
4181f14 code history/diff UI fixed (HIVE-146, HIVE-145) Browse code 2013-05-08
8f688a4 apply HIVE CSS including trivial fix. Browse code 2013-05-08
0a1653d fix userinfo dropdown style of topmenu Browse code 2013-05-07
e320a55 project: Improve Project Tagging. Browse code 2013-05-03
6860b87 show just committer's name without a user page link, when the committer's email doesn't exist in HIVE Browse code 2013-05-07
a686daa fix: setUserPageUrl bug Browse code 2013-05-07 doortts
19c3268 change view filename (HIVE-211) Browse code 2013-05-09
8b6acc8 change view filename(HIVE-211), adjust project logo size(HIVE-213), remove unused files, fix filter markup on milestone list Browse code 2013-05-09
796d2f7 code history, diff view UI fixed (HIVE-146, HIVE-145) Browse code 2013-05-08
989213b apply HIVE CSS including trivial fix. delete milestone manage page that combined with milestone list page Browse code 2013-05-08
c39d82c fix userinfo dropdown style of topmenu Browse code 2013-05-07
739e19d fix dropdown CSS Browse code 2013-05-07
4a7049b add shortcut link of my projects to userinfo dropdown Browse code 2013-05-07
a4381a8 fix topmenu style as same with navbar Browse code 2013-05-07
c676c08 make userinfo to dropdown menu on navbar(HIVE-101), apply HIVE UI to board(HIVE-188), fix filter on board(HIVE-134), remove deprecated file (postValidate.scala.html), change default image of project(HIVE-213) Browse code 2013-05-07
15a6f8b make filter css and displaying condition to identically. board list CSS has enhanced. Browse code 2013-05-06
34d47e1 issue-label delete link shows only in editable Browse code 2013-05-03
2787d55 fix .fake-file-wrap position Browse code 2013-05-03
1f615d1 apply HIVE UI CSS, override default font-size of bootstrap Browse code 2013-05-03
a72d3e6 fix path of bootstrap.css Browse code 2013-05-03
e5e1aab Merge branch 'master' of https://github.com/nforge/hive Browse code 2013-05-03
2e96636 HIVE UI CSS (HIVE-188) Browse code 2013-05-03