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@ Commit message Author Date Author
6046f74 webhook: Add complementary codes 2018-07-29 doortts
f4963ce webhook: add webhook simple type 2018-07-28
4749b92 env: Fix wrong jvm option in .travis.yml 2018-07-15 doortts
1089f02 conf: Change default IMAP folder name of gmail 2018-07-15 doortts
abdffaf api: Change new issue notifications option 2018-07-12 doortts
ebc51a6 dependency: Add jaxb api lib for Java 9/10 2018-07-11 doortts
1222a17 Revert "webhook: Fix webhook bug" 2018-07-10 doortts
ebae37f AUTHORS: Add new commiter 2018-07-06 doortts
96d56c4 fixup! Revert "fixup! issue: Support one line sub-comment" 2018-07-06 doortts
7678226 fixup! two-column-mode: Support subtask click in the list 2018-07-06 doortts
f86673b Merge branch 'next' 2018-07-06 doortts
2c18948 version: v1.10.0 2018-07-06 doortts
09eeb39 api: Support new issue notifications by api call 2018-07-06 doortts
1e0bf4c code: Support + char in filename at code browser 2018-07-06 doortts
4c2c5fb webhook: Fix webhook bug 2018-07-06 doortts
688b83a css: Adjust markdown some css to match github 2018-07-06 doortts
143a35c token: Add new token API and related functions 2018-07-03 Mijeong Park
e46a45e Revert "fixup! issue: Support one line sub-comment" 2018-06-27 doortts
9a02f21 license: Update copyright sentence 2018-06-21 doortts
9ae92ee editor: Try to fix editor draft saving bug, second trial 2018-06-18 doortts
2122b0c mention: Rearrange mention list of group and project all 2018-06-16 doortts
55c278b mention: Change mention name of group and all project member 2018-06-16 doortts
01b0cc3 view: Support scroll to top and bottom 2018-06-11 doortts
cd2bf54 lib: Add page scroll lib, elevator.js 2018-06-11 doortts
4ff1406 mention: Add sharers to mentionable list 2018-06-11 doortts