@ Commit message Author Date Author
5dfac4d issue: Suppor issue creation at any page Browse code 2017-08-07 doortts
83f06b9 messages: Shorten some messages Browse code 2017-07-31 doortts
23840a6 favorite: Support favrorite menu shortcut key, F Browse code 2017-07-31 doortts
dfb77bc login: Support custom login page messages Browse code 2017-07-24 doortts
bd72891 messages: Add missing messages Browse code 2017-07-21 doortts
a6feef8 site-admin: Support user mode change - guest/normal Browse code 2017-07-21 doortts
56d7a95 site-admin: Show guest user list Browse code 2017-07-21 doortts
d1eda8d role: Add guest user feature Browse code 2017-07-21 doortts
37fd561 messages: Add missing message Browse code 2017-07-20 doortts
2559507 messages: Modify the awkward expression Browse code 2017-07-16 doortts
3042e93 my-issues: Support favorite projects listing Browse code 2017-07-15 doortts
64cd61c login: Seperate social login button area Browse code 2017-07-14 doortts
49a79f7 messages: Add missing message Browse code 2017-07-12 doortts
bd871d6 messages: Remove redundant sentence Browse code 2017-07-12 doortts
0f95473 list: Update search field message and add autofocus Browse code 2017-07-11 doortts
f4c272f messages: Change search filter description Browse code 2017-07-11 doortts
21eb565 feature: Show group list of site Browse code 2017-07-11 doortts
942a45b messages: More detailed locked user flash message Browse code 2017-07-10 doortts
4771561 message: More detailed email verification link message Browse code 2017-07-07 doortts
8c3db37 signup: Introduce signup email verification Browse code 2017-04-23 doortts
0dd9362 code: Fix error that may occur when 'master branch' does not exist Browse code 2017-04-18 doortts
c794532 view: Introduce two column view mode Browse code 2017-04-03 doortts
2f7e25a code: Support simplified online commit Browse code 2017-03-08 doortts
e8631eb issue: Add issue body, comments when download as xls file Browse code 2017-03-07 doortts
95d7cd2 usermenu: Support deletion of visited project list Browse code 2017-03-07 doortts