@ Commit message Author Date Author
5d11a8b CacheStore: Support more cache cases 2017-01-13 doortts
965a7a6 git: More detailed message in case of Charset error 2017-01-13 doortts
c454d4e CacheStore: Add convenient method getProjectCacheKey 2017-01-13 doortts
c1c4a2f markdown: Add table td min width 2017-01-13 doortts
2a1f481 minify-js.sh: Add comment lines for dev mode 2017-01-13 doortts
133a42e project-info: Remove project label feature 2017-01-12 doortts
8aae912 my-files: Support minimum mobile view 2017-01-12 doortts
6fca5f0 my-files: Show link of attachments belongs 2017-01-12 doortts
f2dcc27 my-files: Support file search 2017-01-11 doortts
07b6068 intro: More robust intro page 2017-01-12 doortts
fea9fcc milestone: Fix attachment bug and creation with no contents 2017-01-11 doortts
83d3fa0 markdown: Make markdown files to refer code repository files directly 2017-01-11 doortts
7b48ed3 attachment: Show user's all attachment files 2017-01-11 doortts
fc96013 login: Change 'remember me' option to use by default when logging in 2017-01-08 doortts
c80bbd4 user-info-page: Remove verbose user avatars 2017-01-08 doortts
67a2ec7 lib: Upgrade mariadb connector from v1.3.6 to v1.5.5 2017-01-08 doortts
fd25bf6 css: Revoke list title text size to 15px 2017-01-08 doortts
f80868a cache: Change sessionMap to Guava Cache 2017-01-08 doortts
b5a5cbb tuning: Reduce issue list page response time 2017-01-08 doortts
1b3db0c data: Separate data to be maintained from installed Yona 2017-01-07 doortts
95a0bc0 watcher-list: Show watchers to only logged-in users 2017-01-05 doortts
b9cd21c ui: Change tooltip position of issue/post list 2017-01-05 doortts
c68bd1c css: Change milestone link color of list 2017-01-05 doortts
f832709 css: Change some css 2017-01-05 doortts
0676d1d code-browser: Fix URLEncoding filename bug 2017-01-05 doortts