@ Commit message Author Date Author
d9ce496 sub-comment: Hide add sub-comment button when to edit comment 2018-10-03 doortts
b675cb9 sub-comment: Change online comment form css 2018-10-03 doortts
39e1b48 sub-comment: Change notification coverage 2018-10-03 doortts
7c74568 sub-comment: Refactor Sub-comment related codes 2018-10-03 doortts
6c50ebb comment: Support sub-comment for board comment 2018-10-03 doortts
0144d2d build.sbt: Add maven central repo explicitly 2018-10-03 doortts
40df238 message: Change English add one line comment message 2018-09-14 doortts
b8c3d3d css: Remove attachment file list border 2018-09-14 doortts
4fd614f issue: Change sub-comment style 2018-09-14 doortts
03f4a1b Merge branch 'next' for the intermission 2018-09-05 doortts
a92a27d AUTHORS: Add new contributors 2018-09-05 doortts
32224e9 Merge branch 'fvlasie-patch-1' 2018-09-05 doortts
a53d319 Update messages 2018-09-01
b4c6393 message: Change confirmation message in Korean 2018-09-04 doortts
0757f21 checklist: Fix authorization related bug 2018-09-04 doortts
3902d82 util: Fix wrong date formatting 2018-09-04 doortts
c3bd4c5 lang: Support Uzbek 2018-09-03 doortts
144705f lang: Support Russian 2018-09-03 doortts
8f2ba27 build: Remove source and docs from dist files] 2018-08-31 doortts
6cc85d2 markdown: Change few css styles 2018-08-31 doortts
3e8084d mail: Add previous content in the notification mail 2018-08-31 doortts
67c0bde English grammatical corrections 2018-08-31
13242ba marked: Fix header prefix bug 2018-08-30 doortts
edf80dd README: Update README 2018-08-30 doortts
69a1576 Merge pull request #444 from gy741/fix-typo 2018-08-29 doortts