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@ Commit message Author Date Author
5c005e1 sidebar: Change old file comment 2018-12-11 doortts
f5b7944 sidebar: Modify margin and add selected ux 2018-12-11 doortts
0873901 sidebar: Add complementary fixes 2018-12-11 doortts
3a2a29a sidebar: Add sidebar feature 2018-11-28 doortts
f6e7c75 milestone: Turn off autocomplete attribute at dueDate field 2018-12-12 doortts
86b11ee translate: Fix translate bug fix 2018-12-10
e578246 Merge branch 'feature/translate-each-sentence' into next 2018-12-07
4394858 translate: Fix to be translated by each sentence 2018-12-05
a91b44b Merge branch 'feature/issue-sharer-button' into next 2018-12-07
7ae1254 issue: Enhance sharing issue button 2018-11-28
8e32e17 issue: Feature move posting to issue 2018-11-27
1293043 attachment: Fix drag and drop bug when to edit comment 2018-10-26 doortts
0c54435 usermenu: Show favorite personal account projects 2018-10-26 doortts
4dea4fe usermenu: Show user account's project list at any cases 2018-10-26 doortts
8edae8d usermenu: Fix unintended user menu call 2018-10-26 doortts
2fe1ecb usermenu: Change org's project count expression 2018-10-26 doortts
7a5bfd5 usermenu: Recategorize user project menu 2018-10-25 doortts
b782a77 api: Support ISSUE_LABE_CHANGED event 2018-10-25 doortts
a40084e mention: Colorize mention link 2018-10-24 doortts
457680f mention: Change rendered mention css style 2018-10-23 doortts
cca1b79 comment: Support attachments modification 2018-10-22 doortts
393a271 two-column-mode: Polish for my issues page 2018-10-10 doortts
d0c1434 two-column-mode: Enhance UI 2018-10-09 doortts
d8f0191 attachment: Move download icon from back to ahead 2018-10-09 doortts
4148191 my-issues: Remove fovorite project from the sidebar 2018-10-05 doortts