@ Commit message Author Date Author
8303ad8 css: Support caption of image gallery Browse code 2017-09-05 doortts
14b787e css: Support image gallery feature Browse code 2017-09-05 doortts
1ee4a9b css: Support image popup at contents on click Browse code 2017-09-05 doortts
28645c6 google-anaylitics: Support google analytics Browse code 2017-07-19 doortts
3042e93 my-issues: Support favorite projects listing Browse code 2017-07-15 doortts
4015ec2 usermenu: Load usermenu asynchronously Browse code 2017-03-07 doortts
858d9b4 usermenu: Refactor usermenu related js Browse code 2017-02-18 doortts
2a511f7 usermenu: Make more visible on the screens of small devices Browse code 2017-02-18 doortts
b2c37df usermenu: Prevent search input focus at low resolution device Browse code 2017-02-05 doortts
c707ccc usermenu: Don't focus input if view size is less than 720px Browse code 2017-02-02 doortts
2bb95f7 authentication: Support Github/Gmail social login Browse code 2017-02-01 doortts
2ea8716 usermenu: Support favorite project/organization Browse code 2017-01-28 doortts
98caf01 usermenu: Make more robust usermenu click action Browse code 2017-01-25 doortts
ffb6bce usermenu: Change some subtle styles Browse code 2017-01-24 doortts
b122b99 usermenu: Replace index project list to new sidebar Browse code 2017-01-22 doortts
778a29e usermenu: Introduce new sidebar menu Browse code 2017-01-15 doortts
596983b usermenu: Sidebar prototype Browse code 2017-01-15 doortts
948296f home: Change project listup ui at login home Browse code 2017-01-21 doortts
64c2f1b watcher-list: Make watcher list to work as ajax Browse code 2017-01-14 doortts
07b6068 intro: More robust intro page Browse code 2017-01-12 doortts
a2b630e google: Increase search engine compatibility Browse code 2016-12-09 doortts
346ec27 etc: support twitter cards Browse code 2016-12-01
8082e79 etc: Support minimal OG tag Browse code 2016-11-15 doortts
23eddb5 ui: Show progress bar on click titles Browse code 2016-02-23 doortts
638f32a perf: Minify and concat js files Browse code 2016-02-23 doortts