@ Commit message Author Date Author
49812f7 issue: Issue sharing feature - view and message Browse code 2018-01-29 doortts
730a4b7 i18n: Support english name if exist in LDAP Browse code 2017-09-19 doortts
c794532 view: Introduce two column view mode Browse code 2017-04-03 doortts
3379a7f avatar: Show Gravatar for fallback Browse code 2017-03-24 doortts
caf0ee1 subtask: Support basic subtask feature Browse code 2017-03-02 doortts
92ae422 list-page: Refactoring comment/vote expression Browse code 2017-01-16 doortts
b9cd21c ui: Change tooltip position of issue/post list Browse code 2017-01-05 doortts
257380f UI: Change comment icon and meta info size Browse code 2016-02-29 doortts
7d88f1e mobile: Support mobile view very roughly Browse code 2016-02-16 doortts
60a3ff5 title-header: Add header filter at title of posting Browse code 2015-05-07
1dabdc0 @Author -> @author Browse code 2015-01-19
5016350 Upgrade Play from 2.2.6 to 2.3.6 Browse code 2014-11-21
046164f IssueList: show until to duedate in opened issue Browse code 2014-08-20
8ee2ac9 Issue: show proper text color .issue-label on list Browse code 2014-08-18
60ebf00 Issue: improve layout Browse code 2014-07-15
dd1eb0f IssueLabel: Refactored editor Browse code 2014-06-30
a7216b6 Introduce a WEB API for Issue Label Categories Browse code 2014-07-10
134d039 add duedate in issue Browse code 2014-07-02
67a21e7 Shows or hides menus on projects according to menu settings. Browse code 2014-07-02
62780c2 Milestone : Add search feature in milestone detail view Browse code 2014-06-02
b6e8d81 ListPages: change style of comments and vote on list Browse code 2014-04-28
8334f91 fix the issue 1057. Browse code 2014-04-23
8866340 fix the issue 1133. Browse code 2014-04-21
04f8cfa ReviewMenu: change list layout style like issue Browse code 2014-04-15
538aebf Date: fixed to show date exactly Browse code 2014-04-09