@ Commit message Author Date Author
1328749 message: Change message name issue.subtask to issue.option Browse code 2017-08-07 doortts
5ce4306 issue: Fix missing assignee editing Browse code 2017-08-07 doortts
9c08aea subtask: Fix designs, alignments and typos Browse code 2017-03-05 doortts
890f3b5 subtask: Show option menus case by case Browse code 2017-03-04 doortts
81a4a61 subtask: Add i18n option button Browse code 2017-03-04 doortts
4082ca5 subtask: Show options for subtask editing Browse code 2017-03-04 doortts
b629b98 subtask: Make Subtak button & design Browse code 2017-03-04 doortts
caf0ee1 subtask: Support basic subtask feature Browse code 2017-03-02 doortts
691986c access-rule: Make user can see original content text Browse code 2017-01-27 doortts
af32f6a label: Add label edit link at label selection Browse code 2017-01-16 doortts
7d88f1e mobile: Support mobile view very roughly Browse code 2016-02-16 doortts
5f64376 notification: Add noti mail send option Browse code 2015-04-18
1dabdc0 @Author -> @author Browse code 2015-01-19
5016350 Upgrade Play from 2.2.6 to 2.3.6 Browse code 2014-11-21
b544cd6 IssueLabel: don't close dropdown on select at create/edit issue form Browse code 2014-08-20
cdebef6 Fix due date validation error fix issue 1737, 1733, 1712 add due date validation Browse code 2014-08-06
c5c4fb9 Issue: set width of ui.Select2 field relative Browse code 2014-08-06
4840234 ui.Calendar: apply new coding convention Browse code 2014-07-30
60ebf00 Issue: improve layout Browse code 2014-07-15
dd1eb0f IssueLabel: Refactored editor Browse code 2014-06-30
134d039 add duedate in issue Browse code 2014-07-02
67a21e7 Shows or hides menus on projects according to menu settings. Browse code 2014-07-02
5f0a704 Editor: Fix wrong selection to editor of commnet for file upload Browse code 2014-06-10
b2d86f5 Editor: Fix The uploaded image file could not be put into the body of editor Browse code 2014-06-10
e6db325 mention: refactoring mention feature Browse code 2014-06-09 doortts