@ Commit message Author Date Author
189fdd7 Search: Polish Browse code 2014-07-29
b98d80a Search: server side Browse code 2014-07-11
9b7468e fixes test failure for controllers.IssueAppTest. Browse code 2014-07-31
30d34f3 Organization: Fix a test broken by dfe7ceb Browse code 2014-04-15
dfe7ceb user: fix the problem that user can create an account with existing group name Browse code 2014-04-10
24831d1 project: use ProjectScope instead of Project.isPublic Browse code 2014-04-03
eafd35d user: UserApp.isRememberMe is deleted, use UserApp.currentUser Browse code 2014-03-07
738a975 fixed broken tests Browse code 2014-01-16
2d95057 fix broken tests for PullRequestApp Browse code 2014-01-09
52708aa user: Fix avatarUrl to support application.context Browse code 2013-12-19
9be5001 fixed a bug on toggling events Browse code 2013-12-02
16b5b8a watch: refactoring duplicated code Browse code 2013-11-27
0d562ca pullrequest: refactoring project and pullrequest validation Browse code 2013-11-20
4a9d2fc pullrequest: separate a close event into close and merge Browse code 2013-11-15
a672593 Remove every trailing whitespaces in every files. Browse code 2013-10-30
0b4401a refactoring: remove redundant author comments and change test data Browse code 2013-08-05 doortts
5a2c798 attachment: refactoring bug fix Browse code 2013-05-09 doortts
7f473f0 Fix constraint violation by test-data.yml. Browse code 2013-04-17
b4f61bb issue,posting: Fix a bug about deleting permission Browse code 2013-04-17
47c8c70 Insert essential data the first time hive runs. Browse code 2013-04-17